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      Encouraged by her silence he went on loftily: "Pride is an excellent thing in its way. But it becomes suicidal when you allow it to blind you to..."When the forty-seventh regiment is dashing ashore,

      V1 the boatmen and the draymen at the carrying-places, that the greater part deserted. Along with these disheartening tidings, Shirley learned the death of his eldest son, killed at the side of Braddock. He had with him a second son, Captain John Shirley, a vivacious young man, whom his father and his father's friends in their familiar correspondence always called "Jack." John Shirley's letters give a lively view of the situation.

      80Disorder and discord filled the land of promise. Nicolas de la Salle, the commissaire ordonnateur, an official answering to the Canadian intendant, wrote to the minister Ponchartrain that Iberville and his[Pg 307] brothers, Bienville and Chateauguay, were "thieves and knaves."[300] La Vente, cur of Mobile, joined in the cry against Bienville, and stirred soldiers and settlers to disaffection; but the bitterest accuser of that truly valuable officer was the worthy matron who held the unenviable post of directress of the "King's girls,"that is, the young women sent out as wives for the colonists. It seems that she had matrimonial views for herself as well as for her charge; and she wrote to Ponchartrain that Major Boisbriant, commander of the garrison, would certainly have married her if Bienville had not interfered and dissuaded him. "It is clear," she adds, "that M. de Bienville has not the qualities necessary for governing the colony."[301]

      "You mean about the railway?" said Riever. "I could put it through with a nod of my head if I chose."


      [37] La Mothe-Cadillac Ponchartrain, 31 Ao?t, 1703. "Toute impit part, il vaudroit mieux pescher contre Dieu que contre eux, parce que d'un cost on en re?oit son pardon, et de l'autre, l'offense, mesme prtendue, n'est jamais remise dans ce monde, et ne le seroit peut-estre jamais dans l'autre, si leur crdit y estoit aussi grand qu'il est dans ce pays." 1758, 1759.


      The fortified village of the Outagamies was of a somewhat different construction. The defences consisted of three rows of palisades, those of the middle row being probably planted upright, and the other[Pg 334] two set aslant against them. Below, along the inside of the triple row, ran a sort of shallow trench or rifle-pit, where the defenders lay ensconced, firing through interstices left for the purpose between the palisades.[335][292] This letter, which D'Iberville gives in his Journal, is dated "Du Village des Quinipissas, le 20 Avril, 1685." Iberville identifies the Quinipissas with the Bayagoulas. The date of the letter was evidently misread, as Tonty's journey was in 1686. See "La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West," 455, note. Iberville's lieutenant, Sugres, commanding the "Marin," gives the date correctly. Journal de la Frgate le Marin, 1698, 1699 (Margry, iv.).


      Pen thought in dismay: "One of them has put that idea into his head!" She said no more, but marched indignantly back to her room."Not in this matter," he said with a bitter little laugh.